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Radboud University (RU) is one of the leading academic communities in the Netherlands. Established in 1923 and located in the city of Nijmegen, it has nine faculties and enrols over 22,000 students. 'Change Perspective’ is the motto of RU. It is the invitation for our students and employees to broaden their own perspectives in interaction with one another. Our personal style of teaching ensures that the university does not become a mere 'degree factory'. One of the main strengths of our research is the way we forge cooperative links across disciplinary boundaries and the continuous exchange of ideas with others working in related areas.

The Department of Environmental Science of RU has a long standing tradition in developing environmental life cycle assessment methods and models for chemical risk assessment. The department has been a partner in major European projects in this area, e.g. NoMiracle, PHARMAS, iPiE, ReCiPe, DESIRE, MEDUWA and PREMIER. The department contributed to the development of some major European risk assessment models such as SimpleBox, EUSES, SimpleTreat and ePiE.

Role in the project

RU develops approaches and tools to assess the sustainability of pharmaceuticals.

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