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GA meeting 18M: 22 & 23 November 2023

The consortium meeting took place online on 22 November 2023 in the morning and 23 November 2023 in the afternoon. The entire consortium had scientific discussions on the technical work packages. Also 2 workshop sessions about the stakeholder perspectives and the training activities were held, as 2 parallel discussion sessions about electrochemistry and the education module for the health sector.

Newsletter Nº 01

Download our first newsletter using the link below.


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GA meeting 12M: 15/16 June 2023 - Helsinki

41 participants (consortium partners and 1 advisory board member) were present in Helsinki for our 12M GA meeting. Also 9 persons (consortium partners and advisory board members) followed the meeting online.

The first day, Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma from Helsinki University welcomed us in Helsinki.
Christian Stevens, from Ghent University, acting as Project coordinator, welcomed the participants dedicated to open discussion on project related topics. Christian Stevens reminded the project objectives and presented an overview of the first-year results of the project.
Thereafter, the future work of the new Hop On partner LIOS was presented to the consortium followed by the project management of the project. Next, the training activities were elaborated, followed by the interactions between different work packages in some parallel sessions.

After the delicious lunch, the possible cooperation with the sister projects was further discussed. Afterwards, the definitions of sustainability and trade-offs were looked at. The day was ended with an update of the development of biodegradable compounds. Afterwards, we had a lovely city tour in the beautiful Helsinki followed by an exquisite diner (offered by the University of Helsinki).

The second day was dedicated to the technical work packages in presence of the advisory board members.
The meeting ended with the opinions of the members of the advisory board. They found the meeting very useful and interesting and they are looking forward to further collaborations. The consortium looks forward to continue in this good direction!

Picture of GA meeting 12M participants

Meeting of sister projects: 5 April 2023

On 5 April 2023, the sister projects of the call HORIZON HLTH 2021 IND 07 01 (TRANSPHARM, SUSPHARMA, ETERNAL & IMPACTIVE) have met at the PREMIER/TransPharm workshop.

We are looking forward to work together in the coming years.

Representatives of the 4 sister projects

PREMIER and TransPharm workshop: 4-6 April 2023 - Nijmegen

The PREMIER and TransPharm workshop: The transition towards sustainable pharmaceuticals – assessing sustainability, from design & production to prescription & use will take place on 4-6 April 2023 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. More info can be found in this link.

Scientific Advisory Board meeting: 17 March 2023

We had a first meeting with the advisory board members (HCWH, Efpia, SHC, Takeda, Janssen and Boehringer) to introduce them the project and to discuss their role into this project. Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and aiming for a next interesting meeting at the 12M GA meeting in Helsinki.

GA meeting 6M: 12 December 2022

The consortium meeting took place online on 12 December 2022. The entire consortium had scientific discussions on the technical work packages. Also 2 brainstorms were held about the training activities and the first workshop.

Kick-off meeting: 5/6 September 2022

The TransPharm project kick-off meeting was held in ‘het Pand’, the congress center at Ghent University, on September 5th and 6th, 2022.

The consortium at the kick-off meeting in Ghent
The consortium at the kick-off meeting in Ghent

39 participants from the consortium partners as well as the project officer from the European Commission (online) were present. The coordinator started the meeting by sketching a brief history of previous cooperations leading to the present one. This background nicely demonstrated the logic behind the development of this project. Thereafter, the project objectives were presented followed by the partner introductions. The day was ended with some brief information from the Project Officer about Horizon Europe and the Commision's expections, and a presentation on the project management and administrative obligations.

The second day started with dedicated breakout sessions for each technical work package (overview and organisation, contribution to project KPIs, main milestones and deliverables, interactions with other WPs, roadmap for next 6 month) by the work package leaders.
The meeting ended with a workshop about the role of the advisory board.
The consortium looks forward towards a fruitful collaboration in the period 2022-2026 and beyond!