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KelAda Pharmachem – an Irish SME – acquires and develops intellectual property assets in the specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical sectors. The company’s business model is to in-license and/or develop “novel chemistry” solutions from laboratory scale into scalable platforms and processes which can then be out-licensed to major industrial players in the pharma, biotech, fine chemical and agri-food industries.

More specifically, KelAda Pharmachem is dedicated to developing “better processes” for the specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical industries, such as processes that, among others:

  • Are more cost-effective;
  • Have lower environmental impact (“greener” processes);
  • Make use of previously neglected, cheap and abundant renewable sources;
  • Valorise waste/side streams from industrial processes, such as agri-food by-products;
  • Can be easily “platformed”, enabling portfolios of novel compounds for bioactivity to be made.

Overall, our way of working can be described as a smart combination of:

  • Synthetic (chemical) route development;
  • Contract research;
  • Commercialisation of breakthrough research.

KelAda’s team is composed of experienced PhD chemists and has an excellent track record of developing green chemical processes that engender significant cost-savings to manufacturers.

KelAda’s mission is to be a catalyst for the integration of green technologies into the manufacture of pharmaceutical ingredients. This mission is underpinned by our focus on performing our own in-house world-class research and collaborating with other world-class researchers.  We also have an active program of technology identification whereby we identify, in-licence and develop novel chemistry into scalable processes which can then be utilised by major pharmaceutical and fine-chemical players.

Role in the project

KelAda’s main role in TransPharm is to develop novel toolboxes of biobased platform molecules and exemplify their utility through their application as starting materials in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals.

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